Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Dog does not like to be quiet, just sitting on the ground or sleeping on the carpet inside your house, watching television program that the master plays or seeing you have your breakfast and leave for work. The dog will still always move lazily without passion and interest. This is the time for you to have fun tricks to teach your dog. Fun ways to teach your dog will make your quiet dog become more energetic and sweeter to be your favorite pet. It even will become an attraction spot for the neighbors for they will say “what a smart and cute dog”. Are you ready to get started?

Have a Fun Bike Together

Dog likes to have some walk outside the house. A nice weather and cozy atmosphere is very good for a relaxation. As a master, you have to take your dog to the park and get the bicycle with you. Make sure the bicycle is a tandem bike. You might have a lot of question mark in your mind. How can the dog ride bicycle? Yes, it can. That is why the bicycle you need is a tandem bike. The dog will bike with behind of you with a proper pedal and seat that the bike offered. When you ready to do the fun tricks to teach your dog, you start first by getting on the bicycle and ask the dog to join bike behind you with its own seat. Try to bike them carefully and the dog will also paddle the bike.

Once you succeed to bike with your dog, guess what happens next? There will be many heads turn to see the dog having a fun bike with the master. This is because of the unusual thing that happens in dog to do tricks. People will still say it natural since the dog enjoys that like the human does. Fun bike will be greatest tricks to teach your dog.

Get Your Bartender Dog

Making your dog to be a bartender is another one of fun tricks to teach your dog. Some of you might think this is impossible to do. You need to simply make your dog know the atmosphere of the bar and get the dog to know the tool as well. After the dog gets familiar with a drink tap make your dog to press the tap so that the drink will come out. This is a bit difficult but you need to try to put everything in a tap, for example a paper towel so that the dog will approach it and push the tap. So the beer will flow and can be enjoyed by you along with the friends in the party.

A bartender dog within the party is very unique and unusual. That is why this is interesting to make your quite dog to be more fun and more active than before. This one of fun tricks to teach your dog will make either you as a master proud of your dog and your friends will be amazed to find the smart dog pushing the tap and make the beer flow in the party.


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