Some Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog

“How are tricks to teach your dog?” is the question of almost beginners in dog mastering. Before we know about some dog tricks, we have to know the character of the dog we are going to teach. Dog is a smart animal, but sometimes, it becomes wild. Dog is also a loyal animal, if a dog has its master, it will usually be loyal to its master until it dies. As a loyal animal, you have to give more attentions to it. Such as persons, different dogs have different characters, it depends on the species. You may get some information about your dog species on the internet or in books.

What Are The Tricks?

There are some tricks to teach your dog. First, please try to make a good relation with your dog by intensely communicating with it. It speaks to us by its body language, facial expression, tail movement or bark. When you have a good relation with your dog, you will more understand with your dog. That makes your dog feel comfortable and will obey your command. Second, use soft and high tone when your dog does a good thing, and use low tone when it does a bad thing clearly. It is important as one of the dog tricks because low or high tone will be easy for a dog to identify a command. It will remember your sounds in its memory and obey your command.

Third, the next one in the tricks to teach your dog is consistent command. If you forbid your dog to go to your badroom, do not try to give it permission, it will make your dog confused. You say ‘yes’ if your dog does a right command, do not ever make it confused by saying ‘no’ or other words. Fourth, you have to make your training fun. Do training and playing, training for 10 minutes and then taking a rest for 1-2 minutes or between the training to take your dog to a garden or a park just for a walk and making it refreshed. Do not force your dog to do training every times, give it several times to play and take a rest.


Fifth, tricks to teach your dog must be done step by step. If your dog does not do your command properly yet, do not give it a new command, it will check the first command. Your dog will be difficult to remember and identify your first command.

Don’t Force Your Dog


Please look at the mood and condition of your dog before doing training, do not force your dog to train your dog when it is in a bad condition. It can be dangerous for it if it has a serious disease.Take care of it earlier before continuing the training. Never use hardness for your dog, it has no use for you. An ill dog is difficult to receive a command, and the worst effeck of hardness is the dog will againts its master and it will try to escape from the master. Those are some tricks to teach your dog, those will give you fun experience with your dog.


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