Tricks to Teach Your Dog in Simple and Interesting Ways

Tricks to teach your dog will might be difficult if you do not know how to figure it out with a simple yet interesting way to do. Dogs at your home must be taught so they will become nice pets even will be great companions or friends in your daily routine. When you are back at home, your sweet dog will nicely welcome you with its friendly licking. To teach your dog, you can have outstanding tricks to be closer to your dog. Let us check it out!

Get Your Dogs Dancing

One unique way of tricks to teach your dog is through dancing. This does not merely ask your dog to dance with you like what you usually do with your lover in a cozy restaurant, or when you get into your dance competition, or in which the salsa music or ballet makes your dog move beautifully. Those will come true only in a fantasy movie, right? Here it means to make your dog active, do some movements to be called dance. First thing you need to do is using a thing like tennis ball, in front of your dog; you walk straight so that the dog will be walk away. Do it with saying “Back off back off” and your dog will understand your command.

Next, you need to start introducing something, you can have anything to show to your dog, and make it almost touch in the ground. Yet, make sure you still hold that thing. Tricks to teach your dog here is to make your dog reach the thing and touching the ground. It will be perfectly done if it can also turn around while rolling on the ground. Cool! The dog will be much more awesome if it can also stand with its front feet hang in the air. You need to feed it with the way you hold its food highly so that your dog will reach the food and its feet automatically raised in the air.

Fetch the Diaper

You know what diaper is, right? Yes, something that is used when the baby gets wet. Diaper here can be introduced to the dog. Just take the dog into the yard outside the house and make it interested to the diaper. Hold the diaper in front of his mouth and the dog will be attracted to it. Even your dog will get the diaper away from you. After the dog knows the diaper, go get the diaper to be hidden somewhere in the house. Dog likes to observe something. Call your dog and ask the dog to find it. If the dog notices the diaper and brings it back to you, then you have succeeded in doing tricks to teach your dog. If the dog does not find it, you have to repeat from the beginning.

The next thing for cool tricks to teach your dog makes your dog pass the baby’s room gate. You need to block the way to the baby’s room using a rope or another thing. First, make it low and try the dog to jump over it. After that, try to make the rope a little bit higher even to the highest and the dog will have to jump over it. The final thing to trick your dog is to get the diaper taken by the dog. The dog will come to the baby’s room and jump over the gate, (you put the real get instead of rope) and find the diaper. The dog will be back to you with the diaper in its mouth. What a smart dog. So, simple tricks to teach your dog are not that difficult, right?


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